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Herbal Medicine Consult                                   by appointment only
First Appointment $60//Follow-up $30                 
We accept cash or check at the
time of service 
and provide a super bill that you may submit to participating insurance for reimbursement.

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Natural Medicine

Herbal medicine along with proper nutrition is one of the four pillars of the ancient Chinese medical system.


Herbal medicine is dispensed as part of acupuncture treatments as needed for acute and chronic conditions for everything from back aches to digestion complaints to respiratory ailments to insomnia, and most everything in between. Herbal medicine in conjunction with acupuncture accelerates healing.

Please allow 45 minutes for your initial appointment and 20 minutes for follow-ups.  If you've experienced significant health changes or it has been more than a year since your last appointment, we will resume with an initial appointment. Herbal consults include lifestyle and nutritional counseling and herbal medicine. We have many herbal formulas available for common conditions at our clinic. If we need to order a specific formula, it may take a few days for it to arrive.

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