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Acupuncture                                                       by appointment only
First Appointment $120//Follow-up $80
Children 12 and under $60//$40                 
We accept cash or check at the time of service 
and provide a super bill that you may submit to participating insurance for reimbursement.


Restoring Balance

Acupuncture is part of an ancient Chinese medical system that may benefit any physical, mental or emotional concern. It is said that the best doctors do not have sick patients because at its best, this medical system is preventative. 


Acupuncture is the fine tuning of the body's energy pathways to invigorate, disperse, or otherwise bring balance to the body so it can heal itself.  From pesky annoyances that haven't become serious, let us help. To chronic, complex conditions, we can help mitigate symptoms as we work to address the root cause. Please keep in mind that if it took 17 years to walk into a forest, we will  not be able to turn around and exit the forest in a day. This can take time, patience, and discipline and we will be on your team.


A good goal is a preventative or maintenance appointment at biweekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals depending on your needs. Acupuncture appointments may include cupping, electro-stimulation, auricular therapy and herbal medicine. Please allow 90 minutes for an initial appointment and 60 minutes for follow-up.

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